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Audemars Piguet Haute Joaillerie Diamond Punk Replica

Actually Audemars Piguet may regret calling 2015's offering Audemars Piguet Haute Joaillerie Diamond Punk Replica (its several aspects looks astonishingly tame now two years afterwards, but didn't at the time) because Diamond Outrage is positively bristling with daggers of diamond set spikes -- think Sid Vicious matches Sonic the Hedgehog meets glistening icicles.

It's always nice having a sneak peek of product before it is released to the hoards of expectant journalists at the SIHH replica watches honest. Audemars Piguet, like all venerated Swiss replica watches brands, is twitchy about sharing info ahead of time, and so it wasback in November of this past year, that its latest High Jewellery replica watches has been demonstrated to a select few at its manufacture at Le Brassus.

But this is fair enough -- net leaks are a new worst nightmare, and they were right to be cagey, as the Diamond Outrage (part three in a trilogy which began in 2015 using the Diamond Punk - above - and then last year's Diamond Fury) is the most extraordinary case of diamond-set time-keeping I have seen in recent decades.
As I left the area in Audemars' scale back in November, it suddenly occurred to me I had no idea how this bracelet told that the time (it's powered by a tiny quartz movement, the screen a tiny mirror polished dial), but using design this dramatic and impactful, on occasions like that it doesn't really matter.

Leave it to Audemars Piguet to discover a haute way to combine punk and rock, as it does with its fresh Diamond Punk replica watches. The timepiece, which made its debut at SIHH, is a magnificent haute joaillerie production designed as a geometrically cuff necklace of 56 pyramid facets. It's set with diamonds; beneath a key sliding cover is its dial, which can be set with an extra 300 diamonds. Swiss Luxury Audemars Piguet Haute Joaillerie Diamond Punk Replica, the end result of 1,440 hours of painstaking, expert craftsmanship, is a genuine diamond in the rough. In our opinion, there's no better way to punk out. And if over 65 carats of white diamonds are not your thing, an alternative sapphire version is on offer, every spike a of blue.
Its title implies a sort of indignant anger, and looking at the cuff it's a good match; this shouldn't adorn the wrist of any shrinking violets. But above all, like all good design, it looks like nothing that has been produced earlier and references shapes and themes which aren't entirely unfamiliar.

Audemars cites the wintery picture of a snow covered Vallée de Joux as a large area of the inspiration (it looks amazing that more Swiss Audemars Piguet Haute Joaillerie Diamond Punk Replica replica watcheses do not reference what has to be an obligatory vista for most design teams for the majority of the year) with (aptly called ) snow-set diamonds covering every surface of the white diamond version's spikes, which change in height to give it its jagged, random appearance.

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